Public relations

Strategically successful public relations basically aims at creating a positive image for a company, its products and services. However, a distinction should be made between advertising and public relations! Advertising primarily aims to trigger a purchase with sales-oriented statements. Serious public relations, with its many facets, creates the basis for a sympathetic and trusting attitude towards a company, its products and services through confidence-building and open communication measures.

"Opening a business is easy - keeping it open is hard"!

I support my clients with individual and tailor-made PR measures:

  • PR events (anniversary celebrations, road shows, in-house exhibitions, presentations).
  • Trade fair participations (stand design, personnel, catering, PR activities, moderation)
  • Stage programmes (artist management, presentation ideas, moderation)
  • Presentations (competitions, panel discussions, product launches, etc.)
  • Press work for special events (trade fairs, information/image tours, etc.)
  • Customer magazines (editorial work, complete, partial, total production: design to dispatch)
  • PR articles (presentation of companies, products, services in all media areas)
  • Brochures, leaflets and flyers (conceptual editing and customised texts)