Press relations

The strategic importance of serious and successful press relations is becoming more and more important for companies in markets that are constantly developing diffusely in the media. Everyone communicates actively or passively by talking or listening, writing or reading. In this way, images about things, processes and contexts, but also about companies, their products and services, are continuously created in people's minds, consciously or unconsciously. The latter are becoming more and more interchangeable in today's world, so that a desired acceptance and the associated sales success are increasingly dependent on active and, above all, comprehensible press relations.

„Wer schreibt, der bleibt“, but only if he writes for readers, listeners and viewers in a way that is appropriate to the target group as well as comprehensible and remains on a professional level for all media (print, radio and TV). I advise my clients individually and carry out the following press measures tailored to each case:

  • Press relations (individual concepts for daily business)
  • Press releases (general, subject-specific)
  • Press conferences (local, regional, national)
  • Press work for special events (trade fairs, information/image tours, etc.)
  • Customer magazines (editorial work, complete, partial, total production: design to dispatch)
  • PR articles (presentation of companies, products, services in all kinds of media)
  • Press distribution list (individually customised or "pool" of 21,000 journalists, German-speaking Europe)