Moderations and events

"Panem et circenses“ (Bread and Games) was already the saying of the ancient Romans 100 years before Christ. Even today, trade fair presentations, in-house events and public events are very popular. They are the basis for the effective public presentation of companies, the marketing of products and the presentation and implementation of campaigns of all kinds.

Together with a team of partners who have many years of experience in the event business, I conceive and realise tailor-made events for my clients, both on a small scale and as spectacular gala events, from business openings, trade fair presentations and anniversary celebrations to large-scale public events, according to budget and occasion. A comprehensive network of experienced artists, service personnel, catering specialists and other service providers guarantees professional event management.

I moderate in a target group-oriented and friendly manner. I have TV experience and am used to performing in front of both small and large auditoriums with several thousand visitors. Examples include the 25th anniversary celebration of Kuhnle-Tours in front of 150 high-ranking guests, the 75th anniversary celebration of AL-KO Kober AG in front of 25,000 people, the 50th anniversary celebration of HYMER AG in front of 5,000 guests or regular appearances on various trade fair stages in Essen, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Munich as well as at major trade fairs in Düsseldorf such as the "Caravan Salon" or the "boot" as well as at the "REHACARE" or the "glasstec".

As a special focus in the trade fair sector, I present companies, products or services, for example, within the framework of specially conceived competitions ("Who wants to be a millionaire") that are tailor-made for the client or the target group. Thanks to high-quality voting technology (IVS), large groups of people can participate at the same time without any problems. In the context of solo moderations or dialogues with interlocutors, (trade fair) visitors and (event) guests receive an appealing transfer of information that leaves a positive impression.

  • PR events (anniversary celebrations, roadshows, in-house exhibitions, presentations)
  • Trade fair participations (stand design, personnel, catering, PR activities, moderation)
  • Stage programmes (artist management, presentation ideas, moderation)
  • Presentations (competitions, panel discussions, product launches, etc.)